v1.9.3 now available

Hii everyone,

A new version of Escape from Pleasure Planet is now live. It contains several balance and stability fixes. It also fixes a really bad game breaking bad for some players involving monitors on the prison planet.

  • add: Doug gives new hint on Panoptica quest
  • add: lots of scripts for out-of-order sign later in game
  • add: more tips when player stuck in queue of destruction quest
  • add: rework crashed ship quest to make it slightly easier
  • add: more scripts for final sequence
  • add: log button to title screen to provide better support
  • add: easier to exit non-core generated pods
  • change: new build process for linux and windows to improve support
  • change: streamline various conversations when revisiting them
  • change: improved logging
  • change: improved walkthrough generation
  • change: streamline conversations in final sequence
  • change: rework boner portrait
  • fix: game breaking bug in monitor quest on prison planet on some computers
  • fix: name display issue when name is empty string
  • fix: a few portrait fixes for MIS-TRISS and Brutus' ship


escape-from-pleasure-planet-linux.zip 613 MB
Version 7 Jun 06, 2020
escape-from-pleasure-planet-windows.zip 615 MB
Version 6 Jun 06, 2020

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