v1.9.0 now available

HI everyone.

A new version of Escape from Pleasure Planet is now available. Mostly bug fixes and balance updates and a few quality of life improvements.

  • add: exit game asks for confirmation
  • add: more scripts for using items on beach fire
  • add: more scripts for using items on eden pod
  • add: more detailed script for anlloyd after gruel task
  • add: iris comments on pathogen scan
  • add: script for using pom poms on coach
  • add: extra hint to faith pod when you meet bug
  • add: look scripts for zerimax and zargo
  • add: guards hint at using transmat to leave panoptica
  • add: raw bug on security hole inside damaged script
  • add: script for using pom pons on tycho
  • add: script for romy and chip has more information about lockers
  • add: clearer clue about locker puzzle
  • add: extra clue about code tear scan
  • add: more comments about code tear
  • add: more information about Faith before you meet her
  • add: add 'log' option on extras screen to take player to log directory
  • add: scripts for using chip locker items on romy locker
  • add: hint about soothing words on ludwig
  • add: ludwig reacts to 'tycho free' phrase
  • add: ludwig reacts to 'sleep tycho' phrase
  • add: look scripts for final lab
  • fix: no longer able to remove the seed pod after it has flowered
  • fix: flickering scaling issue on monitor
  • fix: missing script on zerimax
  • fix: scaling issue with monitor on panoptica
  • fix: scene music comes back after blue print interludes
  • fix: can no longer talk to Brutus after ship has jumped
  • fix: solve major pause in event queue when leaving a core pod
  • fix: cleanerbot advances correctly
  • fix: stop romy wearing suit in shower for pom pom script
  • fix: chip wears correct attire when in shower and brutus arrives
  • change: bazzarella joke only plays once
  • change: script on moved tombstone now less misleading
  • change: towel on coach script
  • change: transmat malfunction now occurs on entering waiting room
  • change: script for water bottle clearer
  • change: reorder options on coach brutus dialogue
  • change: short cut when faith is asking you to help a second time
  • change: short cut faith and romy shower scene a second time
  • change: reword script when anlloyd has already made the gruel
  • change: dead captain names more directly related to ludwig quest


escape-from-pleasure-planet-linux.zip 613 MB
Version 5 Jun 22, 2019
escape-from-pleasure-planet-windows.zip 615 MB
Version 4 Jun 22, 2019
escape-from-pleasure-planet-mac.zip 637 MB
Version 4 Jun 22, 2019

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